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Psalm A Day!

Daily Devotions on the Psalms!

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with lots of good food and time with family!!
As we launch into the series, "Life of David," Parkland Foursquare Church as a body will be reading a Psalm a day starting on December 1st! As part of the reading, there will be a short devotion based on the reading. So on December 1st, feel free to read the passage (Psalm 1) with us, and them check out the devotion that will be posted on our website and Facebook page. Feel free to comment on our blog with questions, comments, and what the Lord is speaking through you about the text. 
We also have some great resources if you want to check them out to help you study and meditate on the Psalms.
A Brief Introduction To The Psalms by Rod Graciano will help with background, context, and in reading the Psalms.
SOAP is also a great method to study the Word. 
We're super excited to fall deeper in love with Jesus with you as we unpack the Psalms together!! 
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