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For Week Starting April 21st

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Community Meal

This Saturday(April 28th) at 4:45pm we will be having our Monthly Community Meal. A big thank you to Rachel for supplying the meal every month. This is a time where we can gather around a table and break bread together and share with each other God's love and fellowship. We hope you can make it!

If you are interested in helping with set-up or have any questions, please email or contact Rachel Cardoza directly if you have her contact info.

Baby Dedications

If you recently welcomed a little one into this world (or have never dedicated your child) and would like to dedicate your baby(child) to the Lord at our church please contact us at We will be having dedications throughout May and we would like to make sure we get a date that works best for you and your family!

Get Involved

We want you! We need help. Teams for greeting, security, provision of treats, announcements, and set up/tear down are forming and we need interest. Please let us know if you wanna get plugged into these groups.

We always need help with kid's ministry as well. So... Please email us at for more information. Don't be shy!

If you would like to add any announcements to our page please email and we will see if we can add it to the page.

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