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Parkland Foursquare Update!!!

Week of December 9th, 2017


Pastor Dan and the church, currently, are going through a great series on intimacy with Christ. We heard a sermon this last week on fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Dan reiterated Psalm 91, “He who dwells (abides)…” He started off with letting us know that dwelling with Christ and fellowship with him needs to be intentional. We need to actively pursue Him and get our minds on Him. We need to actively dialogue with God.

Pastor Dan shared with us a wonderful tool to help us develop our life with Christ through the Holy Spirit. The Acronym TRUST allows us (like the Lord’s Prayer) to have a framework for how we can pray and fellowship with God.

T – Thank You Lord! Starting off with just thanking him for what He has done and what He will do. Really allows us to look at the wonderful things God has done and will continue to do.

R – Release Revelation! Ephesians 1:17. We need to continue on with asking God to reveal more of Himself and who He is so that we would fall deeper in love with Him and His works

U – Use Me Lord! Ask Jesus to show you want He wants you to do and how to interact with His heart for others. Ask how to implement his revelation in your day to day life

S – Strengthen Me! Ask the Lord to fill you up with His presence and his power and rest to fulfill what He wants you to do and to have more capacity for more revelation

T – Teach me! Finally ask the Lord to grow you in all this. Ask the Lord to walk with you through it all.


How are you doing with all of this? Have you found it helpful? What do you do to grow closer to Jesus? Let us know below!


Last week the Home group that meets at the Gessler's had the week off and had a night to themselves. They just finished up Romans 5 and have really learned a lot about God’s truly sacrificial gift of love to us through the death of His Son. Very Impactful!

The Wheelon’s home group just finished off their study for the year on Tuesday! They have been going through Hebrews and just watched an awesome video on how to reach out to those around them with the gospel. Very encouraging to hear that God is moving us to evangelism more and more.


  • Community Meal – December 23rd at Parkland Foursquare we will be having a meal together at 4:30pm. Meal will be an Italian roast with noodles and a tomato sauce and roasted broccoli. There will be a gluten free option as well.  (Thank you Rachel!) 
  • Christmas meals for James Sales Elementary – Jode Pulley is heading up this wonderful outreach and would like people to know that she needs about 4-5 volunteers to help Monday December 18th in the morning. If you are interested please contact Jode at (253)831-2420
  • January Month of Prayer and Fasting! – For the month of January we will be fasting from January 6th – January 27th. We will talk more about this as we get closer. Bible studies/Homegroups will not meet separately during this time but at church to pray together. It should be very powerful and refreshing! 

Prayer Requests

None on here yet but please feel free to comment below with prayer requests or send an email to We want to stand together as a church to see God's work done in all of each other's lives.

God bless you all and see you Saturday at 6:00 pm!

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