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God Loves You and There is Nothing You Can Do About It!

Weekly Update for Week Starting 1/20

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Almost There!

Hey Guys! I don't know about you but I have utterly failed in this season of fasting and prayer. I have been absolutely overwhelmed by my need of food and been very selfish with my time. Please forgive me! I know that a lot of you have been getting a lot of great insight in this time of fasting/prayer. Even in my failure I have found out a lot of who God is and who I am. O how we desperately need God. 

We are coming to the end of this 21 day period and we will be breaking the fast/celebrating what God has done in the last 21 days this Saturday. We will meet at the church at 5:00PM and we will eat a small meal and share what God has done/what we desire God to do with one another. We truly hope you can make it!

If you have anything you would like to share about what God is teaching you in this time, please feel free to comment below!

A Message From George Cline

I did not get a lot of the message written down. But I have written here what I do remember.

George Started out by sharing the intense nature of pastoring a church and the need for us to pray for pastors.

He also shared the things that estrange us from God:

Religion - A desire to prop yourself up to gain righteous standing before God. A works mentality that says, "I can make myself right." 

Culture - A desire to fit in to the mold of the surrounding culture. A desire to be an American that is a Christian and not a Christian in America.

Our own Fears - We sometimes have irrational fears from believing lies on who we think God is and who we are in His eyes.

What would you do if You were not afraid of these things? Just ask God who you are and be it!

George Cline shared some great tidbits on the prodigal son story as well. The Story of the prodigal son is really not the story of the son but the father and his immense love for the son. The son wished that his father was dead and asked for his inheritance. This was a great dishonor. In an honor/shame culture the father has every right to kill the son when he returned. He would run to his returning son and embrace him and stick a knife in his back. 

The son squandered everything he was given and lived in utter depravity. He one day woke up to his lowly state and thought to himself maybe his father would take him back as a slave. He returned home and his father did run out to him but instead of stabbing him (which was his right) he made him a son again and threw a party for him. This must have blown the prodigal away. Everyone must have been astounded. True love doesn't care about the culture or the barriers it just runs rampant.

Oh and we prayed with our eyes open and looking to the front(George Demanded it LOL.) We prayed for Dan and Hillary and for their success in ministry.

I probably left so much out. Please! IF YOU RECALL ANYTHING ELSE FROM THE SERMON COMMENT BELOW WITH WHAT YOU REMEMBER. Better sermon notes for this next week I promise!

Prayer Requests!

Please continue in prayer for new babies! Gesslers, Wheelons and Faheys all will be welcoming children soon enough!

We have had a prayer request from Emma Seal. Emma is a student at PLU and is asking for prayer for her sister. "My sister is extremely sick with a pregnancy in another country on a missions trip. She would extremely appreciate (I as well) prayers for health for her, the baby, and the rest of the family. Thank you very much!!" Please lift up Emma to God!


Please don't miss out on our pre-service break fast meal. We will be meeting at the church building at 5:00pm January 27th. A light meal will be prepared and shared together(Thanks Rachel!) Don't feel like you have had to fast or stick with your fast to attend. The intention of this meal is to share what God is doing, not what fasters are doing. As much as I and we want to make this about us, it has to be about God for anything to make any sense. God bless you and see you then!

Please let us know if you have any questions comments, or prayer requests by emailing or commenting below.

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