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From Week Starting April 28th, 2018

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On the last Saturday of every month we will be having our Monthly Community Meal. A big thank you to Rachel for supplying the meal every month. This is a time where we can gather around a table and break bread together and share with each other God's love and fellowship. We hope you can make it! 

If you are interested in helping with set-up or have any questions, please email or contact Rachel Cardoza directly if you have her contact info.

For all those who are part of worship team or slides and sound we will be having our quarterly meeting May 23rd at the church. For those who are not involved at this time but are interested in what it means to be part of our musical worship team we would love to extend this invitation to you as well. If you have questions about this meeting or would like to attend please let us know at

Owen had a great idea to raise funds for our children's ministry. He has been growing hundreds of plants in his home for the last couple of months and is looking to have a plant sale at our church on May 19th. All of the proceeds will be going to help our children's ministry grow and flourish! If you are interested in helping or you have questions please email

Also, please help get the word out friends, family and co-workers. This is a great way to invite others to our church. There are always a lot of people looking to start gardening and what a great way to also help our kids at the same time.

WOW! This is coming right up! If you didn't know already, a lot of churches in the local area will be gathering at Cheney stadium tomorrow, May 3rd, for prayer. Parkland Foursquare will be attending and we hope that you can make it out for a moment or two and pray for our nation, city and local area. 

If you would like to add any announcements to our page please email and we will see if we can add it to the page.

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