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Christmas With James Sales Elementary

An Update on What We Have Done and What is Next for James Sales

Hello Church,

We have some great information as to what happened this Christmas with James Sale Elementary and a few pictures to detail that. 

First off we were able to affect the lives of 25 families this Christmas through your generosity of course compelled by God's generous Spirit within you. Thank you for being obedient to help those in need and to reach out to those in our own backyard. Families were so appreciative.

Here are just a few pictures of what you have provided to those in need this holiday:

A Look Ahead

We are looking forward to continue partnering with James Sales Elementary in new ways for 2018. We will have more information in the coming new year. As a church we should continue to rally around God's vision for our church in helping Parkland. We are excited to see how God will use us, as followers of Christ, to further bless those families at James Sales. May God strengthen our relationships with the school administration, staff, and families. God bless you all and remember that when we do things onto the least of these we do it onto Jesus. 

Any Questions or Comments? Please comment below!

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